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St Paul Airlines and RTMM
« on: September 05, 2014, 05:08:57 PM »
And out of the clear blue (check that, foggy and gray) of Alaska's Ketchikan beautiful Sky comes a visitor flying DHC2 Mk3 Beaver in the bright blue and white company colors of St. Paul Airlines. Link HERE  The brightly colored plane taxi's up to the Misty's Place ramp and out of the cockpit steps Yoland Grosjean, the CEO and the SPA's Bush and Special Operations manager. (He also runs the Fleet Department and we are in negotiation for that blue and white plane! I'm trying to get him to fly back in a Misty Beaver!)

After a couple of libations at Misty's Place Yoland and I began discussing some ideas of sharing websites and information. Yoland told me St. Paul Airlines provides worldwide service. Whether you're looking to take a hop from Duluth down to Rochester, Miami to San Francisco or London to Berlin (or if you need to go to Abu Dhabi or Bogota), St. Paul Airlines will take you where you need to go. He is looking at various routes in Alaska for the bush pilots at SPA.

SPA also has a Special Operations division with bush & VFR flights, charters, freight & cargo, seaplane or helicopter sections, round the World, Trans-American and Trans-European tours plus a lot of new exciting flying challenges. Yoland asked if we would like to share some of our flight plans and scenery locations with the SPA pilots so they can also enjoy, not only the rest of the world, but our special niche in it ... Bush Alaska!  I told him we have a "few" (over 750 flight plans, over a hundred Trip Tickets, Dispatches and Missions and 700+ scenery locations to use ... all ready-to-use and we enjoy sharing them all).

Yoland says that in addition to being the friendliest Virtual Airline on the internet, they have members with literally thousands of hours of combined simulator and real-world flight time. Their roster includes a retired DC-9 airline pilot, military pilots and private pilots. Yoland himself is a former real World bush pilot in East Africa (1968 to 1971 - Cessna 172, 172 L and 177 Cardinal).  He has been a fan of RTMM for some time and thought it was time to drop by for a visit.

RTMM has been "introduced" to SPA pilots with this link.  We will be announcing SPA in the NOTAMs momentarily.  We hope their pilots will be joining us soon on the forum, we look forward to meeting them.



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Re: St Paul Airlines and RTMM
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2014, 08:28:37 PM »
I am sincerely very happy with this new partnership agreement with RTMM.  :)

If you go to St Paul Airline website you will discover that besides our regular airline activity involving heavy aircrafts, I have developed a whole range of bush and adventurous flights requiring props aircraft and special training for VFR operations and use of short runways in difficult environment.

We have also an interesting Alaskan section with "postal flights" and plenty of other challenging tours. Therefore the Misty Moorings program could only catch our interest and is thus now available for all our pilots.

I have an old experience  of flight simulation. I began in the 80's on a Commodore 64 with the ancestor of our present programs. After Microsoft  bought the license the first decent version was FS5 and the real emergence of acceptable landscapes appeared in FS98. FS2004 brought also major improvements and our already old FSX can be brilliant when installed on a modern fast computer with a very good graphic card. It is somewhat funny to realise that most simulators are always somewhat in advance over the computing technology and with most program you have to wait 5 or 6 years before finding a computer able to take advantage of all their aptitude.
I have also experience with X-plane 9 and X-plane 10 but I am sorry to say that I never felt comfortable with their concept. To many useless  gadgets... I like to be the pilot and not the engineer. I do not care about being able to slightly modify the voltage of the left fuel pump for instance... and to be forced to fly over a New York city which looks like nothing except a big group of square buildings. The lack of decent add-ons is also a problem.
But presently, I am very happy with P3D V.2.3 which is perfect (almost) for my type of flying low and slow. And all the Misty Moorings add-ons work beautifully.

Yoland SPA 348
Yoland - St Paul Airlines CEO - SPA348


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Re: St Paul Airlines and RTMM
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2014, 09:44:35 PM »
Hi Yoland,

Welcome to RTMM.  I'm the CEO of virtual Air Logistics.  Like you, I began my flight sim experience on the Commodore 64 and progressed up through all the versions Microsoft offered.  I haven't made switch to P3D and most likely won't until a 64 bit version is made available. 

Again welcome to RTMM. 

Flight Sim Blogger

CEO of virtual Air Logistics (vAL)