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NOTAMs and NEWs / Re: NOTAMs and NEWs Thread
« on: April 04, 2019, 06:06:49 PM »
RTMM Missing Cabins - Update! (Juneau-Kenai Area now present with season switcher)

Somehow the Juneau-Kenai Area missing cabins were left out of the season switcher 2019 update. That has now been fixed. All of the cabins are there and with season switcher. This group can show some winter/some fall in Feb and March depending upon latitude. There is about a 490 mile span between the north and south borders of this cabin district.

The xml seemed like taking a BIG chance of screwing things up. That you can stay with the 'bgl' side of things seems a lot safer to me.  I've got the software downloaded and am printing out the manual to take with me on a day trip today (wife is shopping!).

Screenshots / Re: We do fly in a beautiful area ...
« on: April 03, 2019, 08:22:22 PM »
Working down in the Kowesis Lodge area ... dusk, time to head home. Flying to Prince Rupert for the overnight.

Screenshots / Re: We do fly in a beautiful area ...
« on: April 03, 2019, 10:57:08 AM »
MFC0148A ... Ocean Falls to Dean River ... this has to be some of the most spectacular low mountain scenery in our area. This is a great trip for long/slow boating advocates too. It is a 29 mile trip, so it takes some time, but the scenery down on the water is awesome also. I just did an update on Ocean Falls. The lodges were above the ground. Those have been relocated and are correct now (04.03.2019). You will even find AI shipping in this beautiful area.

NOTAMs and NEWs / Re: NOTAMs and NEWs Thread
« on: April 03, 2019, 10:36:40 AM »
Ocean Falls Updated 04.03.2019

The two lodges were above the ground. They have now been moved back where they are all on solid footing. If you click on the "Refreshed" link, there will be a text file that comes up to always tell you the reason for the update.

Help and Troubleshooting / Lorby Addon Organizer for P3D V4 Discussion
« on: April 03, 2019, 10:00:45 AM »
I'm curious about this addition and was hoping someone on our forum might be using it and could answer some questions for us.  Our whole area is "extensive" to say the least. Then add on the other things you might have around the world, and it goes from "extensive" to HUGE. But we aren't flying all those places all the time. So we only need to have turned "on" the area or group we are flying. This would help with loading time, etc.

That seems to be a main reason for this addition, that you can form groups and switch them on and off.

My situation is a little unique because I am continually tweaking and modifying the locations to make them better for everyone. We had to adjust the smoke at 600 of them last year, we are working on routes this year. We are almost finished with the 2019 Refresh Updates ... but all of these cause me to change the bgl for the scenery. Since I'm doing this, literally, on a daily basis ... is this Lorby Addon Organizer viable for me? Is this thing going to get "confused" when I change a location's bgl, etc?

If we have some folks that are using this with RTMM ... I'd love to hear from you and discuss this application in this thread so we can all get a better handle on it.


(Steve, if this turns out to be DIFFERENT ... we need to document it with the "trees" Faq. These kinds of problems are SO important for us to help people solve ... thanks for jumping in).

Go to our FAQ page under "T". You'll see your terrain problem explained there. Start with that and keep us posted here. I've had this happen myself, it is not a "fun" problem.

Look here: scroll down to "Terrain Problem".


Ok. I’ll post the P3DV3/FSX version for those folks. Thanks for the confirmations.


I think you are right, Bob. What's unusual is them putting it in 4, but not 3 ... that's why I was being careful.  As soon as we can confirm this, I'll put up the V3 version for those folks and the FSX folks.  Thank you for the input.


I have P3D V4 but don't think I have anything else that would put that wooden dock there. But again, I'm not sure, that's why I was asking if anyone else knows where it comes from.

I think the pdf is out of date now, (I'll have to fix it). But I'm looking at the facility by the Vancouver Int'l Airport. If you look at my screenshots, the one with the WHITE dock is the one RTMM adds with Vancouver SPB CAM9 ... But with NOTHING added in P3D for the WOODEN dock is what is seen ... without adding anything from RTMM.


Yes ... it was attached to the forum post.  But I'm being careful with this because it doesn't seem quite correct.  I have a lot of things "loaded" from the Vancouver area, and I'm hoping I am correct that this dock is an addition from P3D V4 (and is not in P3D V3. Normally, I'd use Instant Scenery 3's "show all bgls" ... but of course, I can't do that when I'm in V4 (it only works in V3) so I'm not POSITIVE where that dock comes from. If anyone can tell me, then we can get to the bottom of this one and I'll post it properly. 


This is a tricky one. It looks like P3D V4 puts in the dock for CAM9. P3D V3 leaves it out. So if you have P3D V3 ... then you can put in the attached scenery and get a dock for CAM9. If you have P3D V4 ... then do not put this into your scenery library.  Let's see how this works for everybody, then I'll post it properly.


Addon Scenery and Enhancements / Re: Yes Bay Lodge V2 Smoke
« on: March 29, 2019, 03:10:28 PM »
OK, I took out the STD Stove object (which seems to leak smoke out the side of the stovepipe) and replaced the two smoke objects with Rod's "smoke ball".  He's given us an object where the smoke stays attached to the object, even at higher altitudes.  It is a black ball, that you can (as you are doing the development), alter the size of it to something the size of a beach ball. You then "place" it where you want it and then reduce the size to a minimum. The smoke stays emitting from exactly where you placed the black ball. Thanks Rod.

The new Yes Bay (updated 2.1) is 'up'.  Notice, when I do a "refreshed" ... the refreshed version and date becomes a hot link. You can click on that link and it will give you the reason for the update.  Yes Bay is now Version 2.1 as of 03.29.2019.


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