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AddOn Scenery / Dalton Highway - Coming soon
« on: January 19, 2018, 10:32:15 AM »
We are doing some extensive work for the "outlyer" locations for the BWEP Dalton Highway segment.  As we finish these, I put them onto the scenery page, but the ZIP button is not active and won't be until the the Dalton Highway segment of the pipeline is ready.  But you can see the pictures (click on the thumb picture), and click on the README for the location where there will be more pictures and an explanation of what is coming. These are:

Yukon Crossing ... depiction of the Google Earth image
Allakaket Lodge ... updated airport, added lodge near the river
Flying Beaver Lodge ... updated WBQ Airport, updated Snow Dog Tour area, and new lodge

All four airports for this segment have been completed. 3 were updated significantly (as we are doing with airports we use along the pipeline) and one is BRAND NEW ... Winter Trail Supply. We found an abandoned airport on Google Earth and duplicated it as best we could turning it into a supply base for BWEP.  You will have a lot to do with this coming segment.   I'll be dropping some screenshots in this thread so you can get a better feel on what is coming. 

There is a LOT of pipeline that Brad is laying down, and he is working this in among his REAL duties of making a living. So this "coming soon" is not "tomorrow" ... it will take us a while, but I will keep you posted.

Here is a Google Earth capture of the abandoned airport that we found, and the second picture is what happens when BWEP buys the virtual unused property for $1 and acre and turns it into a supply depot!  You can see we duplicated the Google Earth image.


AddOn Scenery / BWEP - The Interior (addon locations coming)
« on: January 12, 2018, 09:11:56 PM »
We are going to take a slightly different "strategy" for scenery locations in the northern segments of the pipeline. There are simply no lodges or nice little lakes ... it is just on-and-on tundra and rolling hills. Beautiful country, but not a great place for adding scenery locations. Yet flying this country is pretty amazing, especially with the expanse of it. You really get the "feel" of what it must have been like to build this amazing pipeline. Add weather and poor light and it is a very different kind of flying for us.

What there are many of are great little airports ... and that's how people get around up there. So we are going to feature the some these airports. Many are already built very well, good runways, taxiways, etc ...sparse on buildings, but solid locations. We are going to enhance some of these outlying airports (away from the pipeline), and put a lodge connected to them.  We will then "enhance" the airport and create a new scenery location.

The strategy will be to take advantage of what ORBX already has placed in these locations. One such example is Circle City Lodge.  In the pic below you can see how we are taking advantage of 1. A community, 2. and airport, 3. a lodge location. All three are connected with roads. This makes the overall addition more interesting for folks.  Mostly things are frozen up this way anyway, so most flying will be with skis, tundra or wheels (plus heli of course).

Here you can see how we placed a lodge on the Yukon River, near a great little community and fixed up a very "solid" airport PACR.  In "The Interior" there will be three locations like this.

PS "Click on the picture to enlarge it"

Screenshots / BWEP Dalton Highway Construction - High Noon!
« on: January 10, 2018, 09:13:24 PM »
Here's what "high noon" looks like in the dead of Winter in the Dalton Highway Segment of BWEP. This is flying south from Coldfoot to Bettles (Spending the night in the Bettles Lodge where it is nice and warm...the lodge is part of the Bettles Airport complex)! We are working on this new BWEP segment for you.  Brad, of course, Is doing all the "pipe work" ... and it is amazing he has gotten this far. Others on the team are working on the associated airports, which we now have completed for this segment. Dalton Highway will be coming, but there is still a lot of pipe to be laid.

We are paying careful attention to night lighting on the airport complexes, and you can see why ... stars at high noon? Yep. Welcome to one of the coldest places on the planet!


Screenshots / Cold and Clear!
« on: January 03, 2018, 07:53:11 PM »
Testing the newly designed airports for the coming Dalton Highway BWEP segment. A great night to fly ... cold and not a cloud in the sky!  Beautiful "high" tundra area.


Screenshots / No Smoke Here!!!
« on: December 16, 2017, 08:32:52 PM »
Smoke! Darn, I'm tired of smoke!  Over 300 "changes" at RTMM fixing the smoke objects for P3D V4 ... so, when finished, I took a break at one of my favorite places, Pakoo Harbor on Molokai in Hawaii. My route was Misty's Place to Juneau, Saab 2000 to Anchorage, Delta A320 to Honolulu, a taxi ride (Stalwart!) over to the PHNL SPB, jumped in my Misty Amphib and here I am.  I come here and just sit on the beach and inhale the FRESH air!  Going to stay here over the holidays, back to work after New Years'.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! (I hope Santa has floats on that sleigh!)


Website Discussion / Smoke Fix Update from Doug
« on: December 03, 2017, 06:50:18 PM »
I'm now down to the "S's" ... so we are getting there, about 3/4ths of our scenery locations are now P3DV4 ready for getting rid of the smoke problem.  If you see one with a problem, if it starts with S or higher (toward Z), don't worry about it, I'll get there. If you see something before "S" ... I need to know so I can put it onto the worksheet.

If you look at the scenery page, you'll see I am doing two other things as I come down the page. I'm putting in 4 digit lat/long starting position data for each scenery location. And for the "groups" I'm listing them in the scenery slot for that location. If you use those coordinates, your aircraft will be exactly where it needs to be to start a trip from that location.  I'm actually finding these are more fun, you get to revisit a pretty place, but they fly "back" to where ever you want by the seat of your plants, or "Direct" on the GPS.

The other thing you cannot see there, but you can see on the bottom of Table 10 (Installation/Getting Started Page), is the RTMM Remote Startup  This will only work for you if you have P3D, it does not work with FSX.  You add the contents of this to your Prepar3d V3 Files or Prepar3d V4 files folder. When you go to load a scenario, all of our locations (that I've done) can be found and loaded, putting you exactly where you need to be to start a trip.

Note that it is easy to "mess" with these. They all start with RTMM ... so if there are ones you don't want, just delete them. Or if you decide you don't like this, select all "RTMM - " entries and delete. You can always re-download them from the bottom of the Table 10.  I'm finding these are very helpful, you don't have to figure out where these things are.  You can look at our maps with VFR Flight, Plan G or KMZ and when you see then name of a place, when I'm done, you'll be able to load it. There are hundreds of them.

P3D/IS3 is about as shaky as a hula dancer wearing poison ivy.  You never know which way it is going to jump to next. Mostly it jumps to CTD. Then other times it will work for a couple of hours with no problems. I cannot find the pattern. When it doesn't want to work, I work in P3DV4 to find problems and add them to the worksheet, when it does work, I come through the worksheet problems and eliminate them.

If you have Owikeeno, you should probably download the new file (from the Scenery Page) even if you have P3D V3, V4 or FSX.  With the Mega_Yacht change that we had to make (to make it work in V4), it changed the route a tiny bit .. enough to put the boats at Owikeeno on the pier (disturbing! :-).  So I adjusted those piers. I also fixed the short waterfalls, that just do not work, and now that we can better see the waterfalls (thanks to Mike's effect upgrade), I did a better job of placing them. So if you like Owikeeno, download the new one. You will also see all of the major Owikeeno locations have 4 digit lat/long coordinates, and all of these are in the RTMM Remote Startup

More work to do, but we are plugging away at it.


Help and Troubleshooting / Using IS3 with the "BROKEN" P3D V3.4
« on: December 01, 2017, 02:12:08 PM »
Some of us MUST use IS3 now, we've been waiting for a fix from Lockheed Martin and Microsoft for over 2 months and we have to get on with our development work. For people finding themselves in this position, there is a way to use IS3 under this "broken" condition. It is not stable and it is not easy ... but it can be done. Here is the procedure:

1. Restart the computer
2. Go to documents and take out "Prepar3d V3 Files" (delete it).
3. Go to Apps/Local/Lockheed Martin and take out  "Prepar3d V3" (delete it)
4. Go to: IS3 ModuleInstaller.exe and UNINSTALL the IS3 Module
5. Go to: IS3 IS3 ModuleInstaller.exe and Install the IS3 Module
6. Start P3D V3.4
7. A white box appears:
   The module "InstantSceneryP3D.dll" has not been tested ....
   Select Check onlline
   When Updated information has been downloaded box comes up
   Press OK   
8. When the flight sim scenario comes up, select time of day and season
   Note: if it is on what you want, change it and then change it back
9. Press ok to load the simulator
   Sim comes up with Default Raptor Jet
   Select SLEW
   Select cockpit view
10. Go to Add-ons (top page menu) and click on Instant Scenery
11. After IS3 loads

   NOTAM: If the top bar menu for IS3 is missing, just restart your computer
   and start over ... there is nothing you can do to recover this infrequent menu problem.

   Next, I right click to "display as list" on my IS3 File Box and the My Favorites box.
   Go up to the checkmark in the IS3 top bar menu, click it
   Click on Add-on global libraries
   Click on Add-on local libraries
   Click on OK

   Click on the files folder in the IS3 menu bar and select the bgl you need.
   Let it load (and sometimes it will crash)
   Once loaded, click on the "list" (little square with lines) to open it
   In the list box, click on "move aircraft to selected object" ...  click on an object
   Let the scenery adjust
   Use IS3 as normal

To speed this process,
   1. create a folder for your desktop (Prepar3D Startup)
   2. Put short cuts for steps 2 through 6 into the folder
   3. When you "start P3D" go to that folder and follow the shortcuts.

   When loading starts getting VERY SLOW (around 29%), it is about to crash.

You may pass this link on to others who may need it: Startup.txt

Doug Linn / Return to Misty Moorings

Website Discussion / Updated Getting Started/Installation Web Page
« on: November 25, 2017, 10:13:15 AM »
The "Installation/Getting Started" web page is being updated. We need to add a couple more items to it, but the new format is basically complete. We are now juggling 3 platforms, FSX, P3D V3 and P3D V4. The way the sim operates in P3D V4+ causes us to have to make changes to keep up with the new 64 bit technology. The updated page will be integrating those changes into our instructions for installing RTMM. (To see the updated page, go to the RTMM Home Page, look in the right-hand column for "Installation/Getting Started."

Our instructions for doing thing tend to "scatter" with time and new additions. I've attempted to consolidate most of what we have and some of the new thing (what we are learning with P3D V4) into the updated Getting Started/Installation page. We have also re-written information that is in the new Step Tables, making it easier to understand.

You will see we are using "Step Tables" ... for a beginner, these are the steps in order s/he should follow for an error free installation.  But this also becomes a handy guide for people when they need to know how to install something (like the Season Switcher).

There are two "indices" at the top of the updated page. The index to the left is in order of the Step Tables .. the order a new person should follow. The index to the right is alphabetical so you can find things easier.  Both sets of links go to the same Step Tables.

The click on buttons on the Scenery Page now point to the necessary information on the updated page. For instance, the colored leaf for the season switcher now points to Step Table #6 where the instructions for adding it are located. The "how to install" button now points to Step Table #4 for "How to Install and RTMM Location".  All of the Season Switcher locations now have the "leaf button" and all locations have the "how to install" button.

The alphabetical index is now also under "Getting Started" on the HOME PAGE. So if you need to get to that information, you can get there quickly from the home page.

We are going to be watching the forum carefully for questions from beginners. When we see one that repeats, and it is now reflected in the new Getting Started page, we'll adjust so the answer will be there.  This will be an on-going effort.  And if YOU see something that needs to be explained and perhaps added to the new page ... we're listening. You can add ideas you may have to THIS thread.

On Step Table #10, we are putting the new files we are making to keep our technology abreast of P3D V4+. Some of these have NO affect upon P3D or FSX.  But some of them can make them better.  You will see some files are in RED and others are in GREEN.  Green means you can do without it, but it would be an improvement. RED means ... download it it and fix it NOW.  The red ones are mostly for P3D V4. If the changes are not made, you can get a Crash to Desktop ... so if you have P3D V4, keep an eye on this table as we learn and fix things.

There are also some new files that will make things better for FSX and P3D V3 ... one is the new waterfall.fx.  Downloading this and adding it makes the waterfall object stop the excessive misting. A problem we have had from the beginning ... now Mike Broemme has fixed it for us and the new file is "up".  Notice it is "green" ... your system won't crash if you don't have it, but it will make your experience better.

We hope the updates we are doing will be helpful to everyone, both for veterans and beginners.


Screenshots / Some Nastalgia
« on: November 24, 2017, 10:54:37 AM »
Meigs Field ... darn, I used to fly into there twice a month. Of course, its "gone" now ... but not in my sim. Just downloaded Miegs from ORBX ... yep, that's the way it looked!  This shot a crisp fall day over northern Indiana, from Meigs to Ft. Wayne. A short flight I used to know well! A little change of scenery ... all F L A T! :-)

Website Discussion / Better Site Organization for finding Answers
« on: November 22, 2017, 09:02:02 AM »
This thread is dedicated to ideas for site organization that would help everybody to find answers to their problems, answers that probably already exist in the site, but may be difficult to find.  All are welcome to respond to this thread.

Our veterans are good guides...because they’ve been here and know where to look. But new people are struggling because of the size of the site. So their frustration in seeking an answer that isn’t/wasn’t obvious can be eased by our listening to them and responding with better organization.,

So how can we make things easier for everybody through better organization, menus, forum organization, etc.?


This thread is not for ANSWERING problem questions. It is about HOW to better find an answer to a problem.

AddOn Scenery / Misty's Place updated again
« on: November 18, 2017, 09:16:10 PM »
We are always fooling around with Misty's Place, hopefully making it a little better each time. The latest update puts the rotating beacon in line with the now-night-lighted water runway. The rocks that were at the north end of the runway are gone, and the land there is now flat. Trees were cut down on the approach.  So you have a much easier approach from the North.  The smoke was fixed for the Misty's Place buildings (where it had detached in V4.0+). The smoke at the lighthouse was fixed too. 

After a long day out in the fjords, Returning to Misty Moorings is a real pleasure.  The latest update is on the scenery page, under "M".


Help and Troubleshooting / Missing Wheels
« on: November 17, 2017, 08:31:15 PM »
Came back from Soule Landing ... only gone for the afternoon. Landed on the new water runway at Misty's Place, pulled up to the bar to go in and get a cold one ... and SOMEBODY STOLE THE WHEELS OFF ALL THE CARS!!!!  They are still looking for the perp!

If this happens to you, go to our FAQ page and look under "V" (Vehicles) ... and the fix is there to get some new tires! (thanks Rod for reminding me).

General Discussion / Prepar3D "Windows Fix KB4048955" installed
« on: November 14, 2017, 02:04:34 PM »
Per my News Notam:

New Win 10 Update released 1:26pm 11.14.2014
Update KB4048955

Good News:  This is the update we've been waiting for. Prepar3d V3.5 now starts up without a CTD, and is fly-able.

Bad News: There is a new error (Error creating Child Window ... attached).  Not sure what that error means yet. Another MAJOR problem is when you initiate IS3 (Instant Scenery 3), the whole thing crashes to desktop. I've got a trouble ticket in to Flight1 on this problem.

Bottom line ... we are not "back in business" yet with Scenery development and re-configuration for V4.1.  Sorry, we just have to wait until THEY get THEIR ducks in a row! I'll keep you posted.

I thought I would make a thread on this so you can add any information you come across on this subject.


Update: Re-Installing Instant Scenery 3 does not fix the problem. It begins to loading process for IS3, then just quits. Windows event log says faulting app is P3D, faulting path is MSVCR120.dll. 

Prepar3D-Version 4 / The CIRP Hovercraft is Back!
« on: November 13, 2017, 07:23:01 PM »
Coming soon to your harbor and hangar ... the CIRP Hovercraft is once again almost operational. Rod has poured the magic dust over the model and it has risen from the grave with gusto!  It now heads to Jeff so he can tear the engine apart and put it back together again. A little more work to do, but soon you'll have the two vehicles, the CIRP Stalwart and the CIRP Hovercraft you need for enjoying the glaciers.

Short Video

Prepar3D-Version 4 / RTMM Adjustments for P3D V4+
« on: November 12, 2017, 10:00:52 AM »
NOTAM: None of the following information is for FSX or P3D 2 or 3+ users. This information is only valid for V4. The problems we are encountering were created when Prepar3d went to 64 bit. So all non V4_ users can disregard this information.

RTMM V4+ Problems and Solutions:
Detached Smoke Effect: For those of you who have Prepar3d V4.0 and V4.1, there are some anomalies that can appear with RTMM scenery and we are actively working on those.  The most frequent problem is an offset of the smoke effect at cabins (it emits about 20 feet above the cabin and to one side about 5 feet). We had "miniaturized" a smoking cabin and placed it in the chimney of a non-smoking cabin. V4 cannot handle this technique we used. So we will be replacing all of those (there are hundreds).

Directional CTD: The second, and more critical problem was a "Directional CTD" (Crash to Desktop). We first noticed this flying out of Misty's place. Turning left out of Bostwick Inlet ... the sim would freeze then CTD. It always happened when the plane got to 240 degrees (direction). We could duplicate this by sitting on the runway in slew and rotating, when at 240 degrees ... CTD! After some long troubleshooting time, the problem was animated FS9 objects that are not compatible with V4. Off in the direction of 240 from Misty's Place was the animated Garbage Barge. We found this again at Owikeeno, same problem, different direction, different FS9 object, (Mega Yacht).

As we find these, Rod Jackson is doing a makeover on them that allows them to function correctly in V4. As we fix these objects, we will place them on the Prepar3D V4 FAQ Page.

In that table, you will find two new important entries:

1. Workshop Log - This is a log I am keeping to handle changes that need to be made to RTMM scenery to bring it up to speed with V4. I am flying all of the autoroutes, starting in the A's and checking each one for the above two problems. When I encounter a problem, it goes onto this list.  You can see and/or download the list any time from the above link or you can also find it in the "Beta and Workshop" table at the bottom of the Scenery page.  As I correct the problems, they will be given a "fixed" timestamp. This will be your signal that a scenery change has happened at that location and you can download the updated location. (Notam: You may have to clear your browser's history to see the latest update).

NOTAM: I am not going to put up a NOTAM for each of these changes, I would be spending more time with that than fixing the problems. Occasionally I'll post a notam when I'm at a milestone in the process, but to keep up, go to the workshop log.

2. V4 Object Updates - For the great work that Rod is doing, also in those places you will see a link for P3D V4  When we alter an old FS9 object to make it compatible for V4, we will post them in this zip. You can download it, check the "readme" and install the new object over the old on in your sim.

What You can Do: If you are running V4 and see an anomaly, or encounter a problem. Let us know right away. We need the latitude/longitude of your problem and the direction you are heading when it happens. If you see offset smoke, again let us know.

To let us know ... FIRST please check the workshop log. For Windows users, do a CTRL F and put in the location name where there is a problem. If it is already on our list, that will find it. If it is not on the list, then send it to us here on the forum or via "" and we'll put it onto the list.

Next week, I will begin working on the workshop log, fixing the items I've encountered so far. As I fix them, the fixes will be noted in the log. If you are V4 user and are a junkie about staying updated (like I am), you can re-download those locations and install them. You will see the date in the workshop log and also the "updated" date on the individual location will match.

NOTAM: PLEASE ... always delete your previous folder for the location before you put in the new one. DO NOT Overwrite, sometimes we have to change names of things, and you will get doubles of bad things! (Singles of bad things are bad enough! :-)

Summary: Normally the summary should contain an apology ... but not in this case. We didn't cause the problem. We are going to a great deal of EXTRA work to keep RTMM up to pace with the changes Prepar3D is making. All you will have to do is re-download locations. The real work is on OUR end ... and we'll get it done. When you look at the workshop log, you'll be amazed at the corrections necessary that are already there ... and I'm only in the "B's" at the time of this writing. This will take a great deal of time to get it all fixed. Be patient with us please, but don't blame us for the problems, help us find them. We are just "fixing" them.



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