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Ilya - Welcome! When I first started, it was overwhelming trying to decide where to go.  I decided to randomly work though the alphabet on the GoTo Table. I started with all flights beginning with certain letters and have only completed 5.5 letters!).  However, that's 166 flights so far and it has taken me to all parts of RTMM. I also joined the Misty Flying Club and that gives some alternative missions. I like doing both types of flights (RTMM & MFC)  through the club as that way I get "credit" for them all and it keeps track of my stats.

See what scenery you need in the table or the MFC tour guide and get that squared away first.  You don't need to download all RTMM scenery, just grab scenery as needed for each flight or tour and keep building your library. The USFS cabins and lighthouses are a great place to start.  Brian

I think we need an adjustment to this flight, MFC0221A 2Z1->TF20. Cigar Box says I am 87.57 miles from departure airport at start.  Thanks!  Brian

FYI I noticed one of the flights in the RTMM flight plans zip was not visible to P3D for loading.  After some troubleshooting, I determined a '&' in the DestinationName field of the PLN file was the culprit. It does not cause a problem in the filename, but rather within this specific field of the file contents.

Flight = Owikeno Casino & Resort (OCAR) from Owikeno N Strip (PF39)  -- aka MFC0445A

<DestinationName>Owikeno Casino & Resort</DestinationName>
<DestinationName>Owikeno Casino Resort</DestinationName>


Thanks Norm. Once again, close but no Cigar Box!  Brian

I just flew the wonderfully scenic flight MFC0446A from Pacific Gateway (PF50) to Owikeno N Strip (PF39) and after stomping the brakes and praying for enough runway, alas Cigar Box tells me I have 855.56 miles to go to reach my destination! "Aircraft is not at Arrival" followed by "Aircraft Position Error"

Something to fix?


General Discussion / Re: Recommended starter areas and aircraft please
« on: November 11, 2018, 10:06:17 PM »
Kev, Welcome!  I recently upgraded to P3D and with that bought the MILVIZ Beaver.  The standard model has GPS which can be activated via the MILVIZ management software (Pick MILVIZ 530/430 GPS).  I have been very happy with the plane.  You have to get your feet wet with the floats in RTMM!

The Google Earth image you showed doesn't appear to have all the scenery areas.  I would try reloading that KML file.  There should be about 7 folders underneath the main folder.

I dedicate a laptop with dual screens to following my flight in Google Earth via a feed from FlightSim Commander (that requires FSUIPC/WideFS software to broadcast the plane's location on my WiFi network). It's very helpful for navigating to all the RTMM scenery, checking elevations, and seeing what's around for future flights.

When I first started, it was overwhelming trying to decide where to go.  I decided to randomly work though the alphabet on the GoTo Table. I started with all flights beginning with certain letters and have only completed 4.5 letters!).  However, that's 158 flights so far and it has taken me to all parts of RTMM. See what scenery you need in the table and get that squared away first.  As was mentioned, the USFS cabins are great to visit (get your floats). I have bagged 100 of them so far in the flights above.


Thank you Doug and Norm, this is going to make it much easier to load a flight and I bet will encourage people to join the club.  Brian

Norm - This is super helpful, and I know I won't be the only one to benefit from your thoughtful explanation. 

I found a problem which in part led to my frustration... there is another RTMM page referencing an OLD flight plans file with a similar file name.  I have always downloaded it from here:

In that file:

1) it doesn't include 'Serpenthead Lake Cabin (SERP) from Burwash (CYBD)-4300-L-W'; 2) none of the file names have the numbers like in your example; and 3) it has a total of only 607 files in the zip!

The file names are very close, but no 'Cigar Box' in my case!


P.S. OLD flight plans also linked on this page:

Norm - That sounds great and makes perfect sense. So I am currently flying one of those RTMM flight plans as an MFC flight. I was able to find it in the MFC schedules and I loaded the corresponding RTMM flight plan in the simulator.

I guess what I am looking for is the most efficient way to start with something on the GO TO Table in RTMM, load the flight plan, bid on it in MFC, load it in Cigar Box, and takeoff. Do I just manually search the departure airports in the MFC flight schedules to find the matching flight? Even if you had the MFC flight number in the RTMM table, wouldn't I still have to find it and bid on it on the MFC website first or is the bidding process optional?


Before I realized the Misty Flying Club existed (THANK YOU!), I had been diligently flying my routes from the RTMM table and missed the announcement until I happened to glance at the home page and forums last month. Now that I have a few MFC flights under my belt, I am wondering if you have considered adding a new link in the RTMM GO TO table that would allow us to place a bid on any flight in the table and have that contribute towards our MFC hours? Brian

I didn't see a VERIFY FILES executable related to ORBX but I decided to try and fix another airport I was having issues with... so I copied the PANT elevation adjustment file from my old FSX install to P3D and it fixed that airport too.  Brian

I do have ORBX PFJ, but not that file was not in P3D folders.  ORBX says my files are installed and up to date. I did find a copy on my old FSX PC and transferred that over and that fixed the problem. Any reason I shouldn't move all elevation adjustment files over to P3D? Thanks for the solution!  Brian

Addon Scenery and Enhancements / My runway elevation is off at CZST Stewart
« on: November 04, 2018, 08:50:54 PM »
 My runway elevation appears off at CZST Stewart as my plane is "submerged." I have run the FTX Global Vector Config Tool and checked my mesh settings (5m). I do NOT have ORBX CZST installed. Is this a scenery order issue or does it require some other adjustment file for this airport?  Brian

After many hours of loading and unloading scenery files, the culprit has been found. ORBX, ADE_FTX_PFJ_PANT_Annette_Island.BGL. Without this file I have a level field with all the MM scenery in place and showing. Only thing really missing I can tell is the paved runway and taxiways. Don't really miss them, but I do wonder why all of a sudden this issue arose. In any case, I think it looks better in dirt!  ::)
For what it's worth... removing this file also solved the same problem for me at PANT.  I searched for ADE_FTX_PFJ_PANT_elevation_adjustment.BG but I do not appear to have that file.  Brian

Thanks! This has me tweaking a bunch of settings.  Brian

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