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Title: PF51 Pacific Gateway?
Post by: marc2140 on March 23, 2018, 06:37:09 AM
I installed the PNW expansion collection.
There is a flight plan map from Pacific Gateway PF51 to Mt Kinch Ice Station.
In small text it says on the map PF50.
I do not have a PF50 in my sim. And PF51 is Streaham Farm strip.
Is something wrong?
Title: Re: PF51 Pacific Gateway?
Post by: Doug on March 23, 2018, 08:03:55 AM
Marcel ... yes something is wrong because Mt Kinch is "in" the Owikeeno Scenery Set. You should see it in your Owikeeno folder:  "Owikeeno Lake Area/Scenery/mt_kinch_ice_station_01.bgl" In that same folder you should have another file named "PF50_ADEX_JDL.bgl".  Make sure those are both there.

Could you give a quick look into that folder and see if that is there.  If if is, then use the "map" to change your location to: N53 17.56   W132 25.37   Heading: 340  Altitude: 0.  And this should place you at the ice station.

If the above are in place, the next thing to look at is why you aren't seeing PF50. Perhaps you are using Plan-G and you need to update the Database?  First let us know if everything is in place, then we'll take the next steps.